Ukraine Refugee Program

The unfortunate and unforeseen escalation of developements in Ukraine has rallied international support of breave men and women who have chosen to support Ukraine and its citizens during a desperate time of need. 

Without the assistance of NATO or external military support; Ukraine and its citizens are fighting an unnecessary and unprovked war on their own. Ordinary civilians from around the world are becoming unsung heoroes. lending whatever support they can to assist.


Fresh out of reuniting many familiies during the start of the COVID global lockdown with private repatriation flights, out team is putting together the framework to provide at least 2 free refugree flights and a large humataraian aid package for Ukraine. 

Should you wish to assist in either of these missions, please see full details below as we continue to support Ukraine in whhatever ways possible to see them through this sutuation.

Refugee Flights

To provide 2 free refugee flights (1 from Poland | 1 from Romania) to the wider EU countries accepting Ukrainian citizens.

Aircraft & Capacity
Airbus A330 commercial aircraft with a seating capacity 360 passengers per flight


Humanitarian Aid

To provide humanitarian aid to citizens of Ukraine both in the country and those who have recently crossed the neighbouring borders to safety.

Items to be purchased would include; baby necessities (pampers, wipes, bottles, food), clothing for adults, clidren & babies, blankets, masks and sanitization supplies. 


Persons interested in supporting either the refugee flights or humanitarian aid may do so directly via the link provide or contact us for direct bank transfers informationwith SWIFT code.


Funding targets:
Refugee flights: €83,600/per flight
Aid package: €15,000


Please also let us know the country you are from as we will like to show the global support of countries backing Ukraine.