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Barbados Essential Services

We provide a range of services to assist in your visit to Barbados with the current COVID protocols.


Fast Track & VIP Transfer

Our airport Fast Track ensures a hassle-free process when arriving at the Grantley Adams Intl. Airport. 

You'll be met by a dedicated agent who will ensure the completion of any forms, escort you through the required steps, immigration, customs and then out to your vehicle.

Guests will have the choice of a Mercedes Benz (E Class) or BMW (5 Series) as their transfer to the assigned hotel/villa.


Private Catamaran Cruise

Set sail along the picturesque west coast of Barbados with the comfort and safety of a private cruise.

Private catamaran cruises ensure the safety and peace of mind knowing your journey would be limited only to your selected guests, friends or family members.

A simple but cost-effective way to enjoy the beauty of the island while enjoying the fresh sea breeze.

Barbados Weclome Stamp

Enjoy a 12 month stay in Barbados with the recently announced "Welcome Stamp" option. 

We are here to assist with any questions you may have regarding your stay on the island including apartment/villa rentals, vehicle hire and more. 


Personalized Shopping

Quarantine regulations limit your movement to the property, hotel or sometimes even the room you're assigned. As such, basic necessities may be impossible to attain without the assistance of external shopping. 

Members of our team are available to purchase grocery or other essential items and have them delivered to your hotel or villa in sealed bags. These will then be taken to your room via hotel staff/security. 

Contact our Barbados Team
Barbados Voice / WhatsApp: +1 (246) 248-4207   |   USA Voice: +1 (212) 202-1927
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