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Frequently Asked Questions & Rates

Putting things together to help you plan

  • What size private jet do I need?
    Your choice of aircraft would greatly depend on your route and number of guests. This can range from a small 4 or 6 seater small jet / turbo-prop suitable for short 1 or 2 hour flights to larger jets seating over 12 guests.
  • Are aircraft available for my country?
    At LTM JETS we work with a wide network offering airccraft in all regions globally.
  • What is the cost of a charter?
    The cost of your charter would vary widely depending on a number of factors such as: Aircfraft Type Length of flight Additional extras (additional catering, VIP services, de-icing, etc.) All flights prices quoted by LTM JETS are "all-inclusive" and include all fees which may be additional via some other brokers. All-inclusve is our key principle offering the gold standard in private aviation. Your quote always includes: taxes, fees, landing fees, FET (USA flights), de-icing (if required), catering & ground transportation in select destinations. Average hourly pricing* Turboprops ~ $2,000 USD + Light Jets ~ $2,500 USD + Midsize Jets ~ $4,300 USD Heavy Jets ~ $8,000 USD + VIP Airliners ~ $18,000 USD + *All prices reflected above are averge industry prices and vary according to aircraft
  • Do you offer aircraft for large groups?
    Yes. We have a range of commercial aircraft available from 18 seats to well over 300 seats. Contact a memeber of our team to discuss your group charter needs.
  • Do you offer "jet cards"?"
    Yes, we currently offer jet cards and membership packages to both private & corporate clients. Contact us directly to discuss your current flight schedules and needs.
  • Do you offer flights for medical purposes?
    Yes. We currently offer medical evactuation flights worldwide which can be at your departure airport within 24hrs or less.
  • Are flights still available with COVID-19?
    Charter flights are still available, however, depending on your destination, approval may be requred by the Governement as some borders are currently closed. Contact our team and will assist in any queries you may have.
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