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International Cancer Awareness Network ~ #ICAN

We invite persons to join us in a global unified fight against cancer while providing help to those who critically need it. 

As part of our corporate social responsibility at Luxury Travel Management & LTM JETS,  we have embarked on an unprecedented initiative to raise funds for multiple Cancer Foundations, Charities, and individuals worldwide.

The #ICAN program's goal is to raise $500,000 - $1,000,000 which will then be distributed to organizations and directly help persons fighting a daily battle against cancer.

As a luxury travel provider, we are calling on all of our clients and private individuals to lend your support to this cause.


Individuals are invited to share our project page with as many friends and family members as possible. We unfortunately all now know someone who has been fighting with or requiring critical assistance with regard to cancer. 

Any contribution you may be able to provide will go a long way to helping someone with a daily battle or possibly even live a longer life.


Do you have a Cancer Foundation in your country in need of funding?
Let us know so we can reach out to them to be considered for our network.

Would you like to share your personal story or that of someone who currently needs urgent medical assistance? 
If so, please contact us with details so we may find a way to facilitate assistance through our campaign. 



Donations may be made via the PayPal Donate button below or via bank/wire transfers. For larger contributions please contact us via email for Wire Transfer details 

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